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Erdogan: 35 years we fight terrorism and Germany supporting terrorists

Erdogan: 35 years we fight terrorism and Germany supporting terrorists
Last update: Tuesday, July 26, 2016 12:42 Mecca


Turkish President through dialogue
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, “we fight terrorism since thirty or thirty-five years, and a large section of these terrorists (not designated) living in Germany that offer them great support.”


This came in a statement by the Turkish President in a tv interview Monday, with channel (ARD), which dealt with a number of internal and external issues.


In the same context he saying “I told Chancellor (Anguilla Merkel) on terrorists, and 4000 file, and when you ask her about them, she says that the judiciary take its course, number of files reaches 4500.”


“Justice delayed is not justice, terrorists living in Germany and France and the Netherlands and Belgium, and is not handed over to us, although the fight against terrorism is to fight through mutual cooperation, and if not, Germany is also in danger as well as France and the Netherlands and Belgium, all European countries and the whole world.”
Karte von Türkei


Erdogan refused to link the armed attacks in Munich and German Ansbach recently, Islam, saying “If picked up Islam to terrorist attacks, this is wrong and disrespectful to Muslims, can we say that there are Christian terrorism?, or Jewish, that one of these two religions to commit an act of terrorism?”


Meanwhile, Erdogan renewed his condolences on behalf of the Turkish people to the German people who were victims of armed attacks.


Olympia Center presents “commercial spending” mosach “in Munich last Friday evening, armed attack, behind a number of dead and wounded, according to the German police.


Late Monday, one person was killed and three others wounded in an explosion in a restaurant, in the city of Ansbach, Bavaria, southern Germany.


Erdogan drew “moments coup was most critical, in my political career, I haven’t seen her in the past 14 years (since the ruling Justice and development party to power at the end of 2002, and Erdogan an institutional).


In a rose a question about Turkey’s intention to reinstate the death sentence, Erdogan said his country was “on the threshold of the European Union waited 53 years and abolished death Act, nothing has changed.”


“Reported in democratic States the final say in such cases to the people, and the people in all fields, demanding the return of the death sentence,” explaining that “coup (attempt occurred in Turkey last week) if they had succeeded, the number of martyrs in thousands, so could we just see that?”


And about the refugee crisis, Erdogan noted that Turkey “committed to the promises made in this regard, but Europe has not committed,” in reference to the readmission agreement between Ankara and the European Union, early March.


“Turkey host Syrian and 3 million so far, and if we have left this many refugees go to Europe, what could Europe do?!”


On visa exemption for Turks to EU, Erdogan urged European countries to commit to the promises made in this regard, saying “we committed ourselves to Europe, also promises to adhere to”.


And on another, Turkish President stressed that his country’s economy “is in good shape and in better shape than many countries in the European Union, if we look at the size of the economic growth”.


On the Declaration of a State of emergency in the country (last Wednesday) on the background of the failed coup attempt, Erdogan said that “if things are back to normal, the next three months, there would be no justification for an extension, if no longer, we have the competence to be extended from three to six months.”

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