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The emergence of Indonesia after “death” in an accident a year ago!

NZ/SE Last updated: Thursday 04 August 2016 09:45 Mecca

Indonesian man after returning to his family (Coconuts Jakarta)

An Indonesian woman on the island of Java is shocked when she saw her husband in her home after she thought that he died in an accident a year ago, according to local media Thursday.

And website “detik. com news that waluyo (62 years) left his wife in may 2015 to work in the city of Yogyakarta.

Several days later, a man resembling waluyo seriously injured in a traffic accident and died a week later after he entered into a coma.

Wife said waluyo, the body was identical to the appearance of her husband, she took the body and bury it on the grounds that the deceased is her husband.

She added that her husband had a scar on his back, and he has a tooth missing, but his house appeared waluyo Tuesday, and told her that he lived homeless after he lost his job.

Cousin guy, named sadari, aokizon. com website: “we called our relatives requested that he be named correctly.”


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