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Where am from. 


Mut zu wahrheit ,,Courage to truth,,,,Valor de verdad


This is who i am yes its where i come from deep from the ghetto. Where we played with the running sewers like it was a fresh stream of water.

We were happy at the time nothing seemed impossible for us we could play and hop all day long challenging each other on who could jump the furthest. We played the infamous “three sticks” game with the tallest playing as the extender. All day long we’d make fun and crack jokes. Till the sun went down.

We never got sick No! We were always healthy, though we ate our french fries which we knew best as “chipo mwitu”with dirty stricken hands nature always had a way of taking care of us. I still remember we we’re three of us and our parents lived in close proximity. They were so close that borrowing salt and match boxes was a normal everyday…

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Dies ist eine Baustelle ...Diese Seite befindet sich im Aufbau .!!!!! (,,Patience ,, )) Die Selbstzufriedenheit ist in Wahrheit das Höchste, was man erhoffen kann. !? Baruch de Spinoza (1632-1677)

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  1. The wording is considerably strong, yet the image is much stronger

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    • Thank you very much! to really assess it pleases me, with 14 years have I salary earned as my first school (Dear diked written for others with school) I hope it that don’t read to,.
      (About me) Soon they find out more