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Strange phenomenon pay thousands of Americans to visit Egypt in September: «pilgrimage»

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NZ/SE 31,أغسطس,2016

In a report published by the MBC website, tourist winter season, it was reported that September is the season of visiting Americans to temples of the Pharaohs of Egypt, such as Abydos and Thebes, to be blessed and request, explaining that some Americans call this season description «pilgrimage».

The site said that flights to Egypt comes after the Pharaonic belief spread, and many worship the gods in ancient Egypt, many citizens in the United States, including the ancient Egyptian religions spread, such as the worship of Amon, Osiris, weskhmt God of war and viciousness in ancient Egypt.

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The report indicates that with the growing spread of worship and pharaonic beliefs among Americans and some Europeans, tourism companies and Web sites to organize trips to ancient Egypt temples, such as the temples of Abydos in Sohag, the pyramids of Giza and the temples of Karnak, some cemeteries in East and West of the city of Luxor.


He said a tour guide for MBC, accompanied one of these cohorts, anonymity, German News Agency (DB a) Sunday, he watched visitors in some temples of the Pharaohs are performing a ritual and special hymns used her oils and colognes, buy from private shops.
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Mumtaz says that on a journey searching for the force, which they think they will get from her from seeing God Pharaohs, visiting temples and cemeteries, tourists to the Temple of Philae in Aswan, and put their hands on the hands of the gods Osiris in the Panel embodied within the most holy site Jerusalem Temple, to be blessed and get strength, according to their beliefs.
Luxor Temple in Egypt - First pylon build by ramesses II معبد الأقصر
According to the tour guide, the tourists will go to pray before a statue of the Goddess Sekhmet goddess of war and viciousness and strength in ancient Egypt, a sculpture of black granite in Karnak, and offer him offerings and gifts.





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