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The nice camper: 5 Lies About A Camping Vacation


5 Lies About A Camping Vacation


5 Lies About a Camping Vacation


If this is your first time here, or if you’ve never thought camping was for you, I thought we should discuss some popular camping trip lies out there. There is obviously a very big difference between spending a week in the great outdoors, as opposed to a week in a hotel.

Lie #1

Recently I received a comment on a blog post that went along the lines of, “Sleep on a rock outside? No thanks!”

The comment made me laugh, because if you’re sleeping on a rock, you’re doing it all wrong. If anyone took the time to research various forms of camping, they would quickly realize that camping is as comfortable as you make it.

I have two replies for that person:

  1. Stay home – let the enthusiasts have more availability.
  2. Camping is supposed to be a little rough – it’s what makes you appreciate your home.

Purchasing, and bringing comfortable bedding and clothes that will keep you warm enough at night, and cool enough during the day make all the difference. It really IS as easy as doing some research and talking to the salespeople at your local outfitters. One of many lies… proven wrong.


Lie #2

You’ll be eating canned beans for a week. Or worse, have to catch your food.

Well… I mean… if you LIKE canned beans, then sure. I’m personally not a fan of it but that’s just me. If you LIKE fishing and eating fresh fish, go for it! (I love fresh-caught fish!)

Listen, just like your bedding, your meals are as good as your planning skills. Sure, you may opt for some canned goods, because it means less prep work. Canned goods are made for that reason, and the fact that they’re non-perishable. So if they sit in a hot trunk for 5 days, you’ll still be safe eating it.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you can’t live without steak… bring steak! I’ve had shrimp, hamburgers, meatball subs, meatloaf, chili, lasagna, baked potatoes, the list goes on and on.

If you like it and have a way to cook it, your meal options are literally limitless.

Another lie, busted.

Smores and Sundresses - Exploring the City - movie set


Lie #3

You’ll stink like B.O. for the entirety of the trip.

I get it.. some people can’t live without a hot shower everyday.

HI! I’m one of those people!

If you’re thinking this, I understand. Princesses need to find any excuse they can to avoid getting dirty. I mean, I’m not a princess… I get dirty, but I can’t give up my shower!

As stated in several areas of my blog, researching your campground is key. You won’t be living like a cave woman, for goodness sake! Modern campgrounds have shower facilities. They aren’t always the cleanest facilities, but bring a pair of flip flops with you, and I guarantee you will be happier than smelling like B.O.

One of the most important lies… nixed.


Lie #4

The bugs will be so bad, they’ll carry me away.

Seriously? Never heart of DEET, huh? Investing in a great bug repellent will do wonders, as well as camping in a drier season rather than a more damp season.

Just because you’re wearing bug repellent doesn’t mean you’re going to be one hundred percent bug-free but it will be a very noticeable difference. And they don’t all smell like bug repellents, either. Some smell decent and fresh.

Relax, girl… I got you!


Lie #5

I’ll be living like a homeless person and won’t have any fun.

Like any vacation, it is what you make it. Bring Cards Against Humanity and a box of wine, missy… I guarantee you’ll have fun!

Do what YOU need to do to have a good time, but be smart. Checking things out ahead of time or talking to well-seasoned friends will make all the difference in the world.


Can you think of any more excuses not to go camping?




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