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Totes opfer aus Deutschland am rote Meer.


bySe/nz/14.0717 Freitag
Ägypten- Gurdage Rote Meer
Gestern Warnung Heute  opfer zu beklagen am Roten Meer
المهاجم استخدم سكينا في قتل وإصابة ست سائحات أجنبيات في الغردقة (ناشطون)
Despite the warning of the Federal Republic of Germany yesterday the travelers and tourists in the Egyptian coastal areas their guarantor won eight–increasing haute came two women killed and five injured from under sorting countries at the Rotenmeer perpetrator would be arrested.
Before traveling to the north of the Sinai Peninsula and the Egyptian-Israeli border area is warned.
This also applies to the destination Taba. Military operations are taking place in these regions, and terrorist attacks have occurred. In Taba, in February 2014, there was an attack on a coach with Korean tourists.


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