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Breakfast – Banana Oatmeal with Peanut butter



What to eat today? A question we ask ourselves almost every day.

I always look for the highly nutritious and a quick recipe in the morning.  I would prefer to batch cook and store it in the fridge. I do not like to spend long hours in the kitchen. Today, I’ve got a healthy breakfast recipe, which I prepare for my family once a week and I store and then reuse.

Let’s dive into the recipe  – a wholesome, hot, and homemade breakfast of oatmeal combo with Banana, Peanut butter. Banana will add flavor and sweetness. Healthy fat protein booster, Peanut butter will give a nutty flavor and along with banana, the oatmeal becomes voluminous. I have added Raisins, pistachio, grounded  Flaxseeds, Sesame, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds and fresh fruits (Banana and watermelon) to the meal.

What are the health benefits?

  1. The meal is fiber-rich, gluten-free

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Dies ist eine Baustelle ...Diese Seite befindet sich im Aufbau .!!!!! (,,Patience ,, )) Die Selbstzufriedenheit ist in Wahrheit das Höchste, was man erhoffen kann. !? Baruch de Spinoza (1632-1677)

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  1. Already have this for breakfast almost every day.👍


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